Wilcock students were entertained on Monday by the soulful harmonies of the PNG porters visiting BSSC from the Kokoda Track. The Kokoda porters were at BSSC to promote the No Roads program – aimed at increasing health standards among villagers along the track.

The team from PNG have built a strong relationship with BSSC, having guided groups of our students safely along the 96-kilometre trail over recent years.

They also enjoyed breakfast with VCAL students, before their moving performance at the Ulumbarra Theatre. The next port of call was to a special fundraising staff morning tea, hosted by VCAL students who also fired up the espresso machine for the occasion.

Thank you to everyone who made the group feel welcome and particularly to the VCAL students who did such a great job hosting the event.

For a full-length version of their performances visit the college You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9nq2-0C8yQ