BSSC students have amazing opportunities for future pathways advice and career guidance.

Work placements are just one way students can get a taste of day-to-day work experiences.

If you’re a student keen for some work experience, drop in and see Mel Payne and Jo Quinlan in the Careers and Pathways Office in A-Block.

Mel and Jo liaise with local employers to arrange the work placements and most students are really well looked after, have a positive experience, and leave with great insight about where a job or apprenticeship might lead.

Placement allows students to show a potential future employer their commitment and passion—and the experience can be added to resumes.

Mel says employers impressed by a student sometimes let her know they plan to keep that student in mind for future employment.

“Work placements are not only a springboard to thinking about career choices, they can also bring clarity if you have no idea what you might like to do,” says Jo.

“Sometimes placements help you realise this is definitely NOT an option for me.”

“I just love my job,” says Jo, “and I’m a friendly person really keen to help students work out what they’d like to do in future.”

When students make an appointment or drop in to see Mel and Jo, they talk about job aspirations and ideas as well as a student’s interests.

“It all helps with thinking through possibilities,” says Mel.

While students can pop in anytime to talk with careers staff, Jo says students can also make their own approach to a business or use personal networks to find places they’d like to consider.

“Let us know so we can make it happen without disrupting school too much.”

Another fabulous student support brought to you by BSSC!