Keeping your mind safe

SAFEMinds is a resource for schools and families specifically designed for children and young people during times of emotional distress.

Emotions are a part of daily life but when a child/young person is experiencing emotional distress it can lead to mental health issues. This can have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of children, young people, families and even entire school communities—affecting educational, developmental and wellbeing outcomes.

SAFEMinds is a resource package created for schools and families by headspace to effectively identify children and young people with early signs of emotional distress. The resource provides information about support or services young people can access. There are video-based stories and other helpful information for families to use.

BSSC staff are currently using this resource and encourage all families to look at it also.

Families can access this resource by putting the term SAFEMinds into Google, selecting the SAFEMinds – Department of Education site and following the prompts.

As described on the page, the password SAFEMinds-Guest will allow you access to this resource.