BSSC’s knitting and craft group knits-off, folds-in, and threads together next Wednesday lunchtime in the conference room as part of ParticipATION Week.

It’s a perfect time for this group to begin, given that ‘World Knitting in Public Day’ was held last weekend and June 15 – 17 is Bendigo’s Craft Alive festival where, as well as stalls and workshops they hope to set a world record for ‘The most people crocheting at the same time in the same place’. The current record is 620.

So if you want to learn, or are proficient at, crochet, quilting, patchwork, macramé, origami or some other portable handcraft YOU ARE WELCOME!

Of course, this group will not only be about twine, paper and fabric… getting together to focus on a craft leads to all kinds of positive and enjoyable connections between people.

Want more information? Have some wool or fabric to donate? Got a question?

Contact Rita Soares: soares.rita@BSSC.EDU.AU