BSSC’s Wellbeing team provides support to individual students and has a strong presence at College programs and events. The Wellbeing Centre is situated on the lower level of the Police Barracks located on the path between BSSC and Camp Hill Primary School.

  The BSSC Wellbeing team includes: Wellbeing advisors, a youth health nurse, a GP, a mental health nurse, as well as visiting DET social workers and psychologists. Contact them for an appointment or referral to community organisations specific to your needs.

For further information on how the team can support you visit:

Visiting medical services

On Wednesdays, Doctor Charu Banjeri and Mental Health Nurse Cindy McKenzie are available on site at BSSC. Mental Health Nurse Lee Kennedy is also available to students every second Friday.  This free service, provided by Tristar Medical Group, is located in the Wellbeing Centre. Parent permission is needed for students to see the doctor and mental health nurses.

Back to school

As the year begins – starting a new school, moving schools, finding classes, making new friends and meeting new teachers – will make it a time of great change for most students. It’s normal to feel nervous when beginning a new school and there are many things that you can do to make the transition easier.

We recommend as a fantastic website for students.  The site provides fact sheets, stories and forums to help make it easier for young people to adjust to new places, new people and new friends.

Check out fact sheets

Starting a new School

How to make friends

Overcoming shyness

Making conversations with strangers

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