The BSSC Student Council got down to business today with its 2018 Training Day; a chance for student councillors to get to know one another, begin planning for the year ahead, participate in team-building and leadership activities, and of course elect their executive committee.

Congratulations to the Student Council office bearers for 2018: President Whitney Eadon, Vice President Billie Taylor, Secretary Ericha (Eky) Smyth, and Treasurer Alyssa Lai.

Despite having just been elected, members of the executive were already united in their vision for the year ahead.

“Inclusion is really important to this year’s student councillors,” Whitney Eadon said. “We have a truly diverse group of students on council this year that represent a broad cross section of the college community. We want to ensure that every student has a voice.”

Billie Taylor added that this year’s student council would be making their presence felt.

“We want to be a really active and ‘visible’ student council this year,” she said, “with lots of events and fundraising throughout the year. It’s about getting the whole college community involved and excited about what we can achieve together.”

BSSC is in good hands and we can all look forward to a great year of student representation.