As part of their Foods Studies subject, a group of BSSC’s Chinese international students recently discovered more about the origins of our food, and the processes involved from farm, garden, vineyard or ocean, to local businesses, and individual customers.

Students visited seafood supplier, Feed of Fish Bendigo, Balgownie Estate Bendigo, B and B Basil, and a beef supplier in Sutton Grange who rears and sells Belgian Blue cattle to Inglewood Aged Beef butchery.

At the Sutton Grange farm, a mob of more than 50 kangaroos bounded across the paddock providing a real treat for the Chinese students.

“At Feed of Fish, the staff showed us how to expertly prepare fish, and the owner told us they start work at 2 am because they need to travel to Melbourne to pick up fresh seafood to bring back to Bendigo,” Chinese student Shiyu said. “One of the many things we learnt was that it’s not easy to run a business.”

“At B & B Basil, a herb business, the owner showed us around his products and told us what they were used for. Some herbs were used for decorating, some for seasoning. He also told us that this business began with an idea, but he was brave enough to make it come true and found success eventually. His words encouraged us to do what we want to do.”

BSSC is grateful for the important opportunities these businesses give our Food Studies students.