More than 20 students gathered in the BSSC boardroom today to further their understanding of a more inclusive college community.

As part of an intensive half-day workshop, the students heard from staff members across a wide range of diversity areas including LGBTI issues, students from refugee backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, International students, and issues relating to disability and mental health.

As part of the training, students worked in groups to discuss how they would address certain real-life scenarios across each diversity area.

Student Engagement Coordinator, Kait Kelly, said the students showed incredible maturity, openness and compassion for all the diversity groups covered in the training.

“The Ambassadors worked closely with each other, building new connections to develop some very impressive and considered approaches to support all diversity groups,” she explained. “They showed an enthusiasm and drive to make BSSC a safe and welcoming place for all students and staff.”

Year 12 student, Karina Cherry, said she felt much more aware of the diversity at BSSC and how to help and support others as a result of the training.

“I learnt a lot of things that I wasn’t previously aware of, and now feel better equipped to be a leader in supporting inclusivity in our college,” she said. “I think everyone should be aware of how to support the diversity in our community.”

Inclusion Ambassadors will meet on a regular basis with Assistant Principal, Kylie Hand, and Student Engagement Coordinator, Kait Kelly, throughout the year to give feedback and brainstorm ways to promote inclusion at College events.

The Ambassadors will also be a safe person—someone to talk to—for any student who is experiencing difficulty at school. They will use the training they’ve received to help access support, help the person feel valued and connect them with a trusted adult if needed.

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