VCAA exams are underway, Unit Two exams are only a week away and there are many important dates to be aware of from now on.  Make sure you put these event in your diary:

Monday 31 October:                 Unit 2 exam timetables distributed / VCAL work placement

Friday 4 November:                   Year 11 last classes and celebration BBQ lunch

Monday 7 November:                               Unit Two exams commence. VCAA exams continue

Friday 11 November:                 Please have your lockers cleared

Monday 21 November:            Buy & sell secondhand books – 5:30 – 7:00 pm.

Monday 23 November:              Return borrowed notebooks or extend loan for 2017 (to MMC)

Thursday 24 November:         Step-Up week begins.

Thurs 1 & Fri 2 December:     Subject change days.

Monday 12 December:            VCE results and ATAR (online).

Wednesday 14 December:    Awards Night.

Tuesday 20 December:            Term 4 finishes

Tuesday 31 January 2017:    Term 1 begins with Blast Off interviews 1:30 – 7:00pm