The final countdown to exams and end of year celebrations has begun with graduation and exams fast approaching. Have you booked into revision lectures and secured your Year 12 Graduation tickets?  Put these event dates in your diary:

Sat 8, 15 & Sun 9 Oct:                TSSM Exam Revision lectures at BSSC

13 October                      BSSC Media Awards Night, Strategem Theatre 7 pm.

14 October:                     VTAC scholarship applications and supporting documentation close.

Sat 15 & Sun 16 Oct:  Access Education Exam revision lectures at La Trobe University Bendigo.

17 October:                     Acquisition Award & Visual Arts Exhibition.

17 October:                     Final Year 12 assembly – information regarding: lockers, exams, graduation, the last day of classes, and buses for the English exam on Bendigo Cup day.

19 October:                     Year 12 Graduation.

20 October:                     Year 12 last day celebrations. Fun food and Fancy dress parade.

26 October:                     Bendigo Cup Day holiday, VCAA exams commence – no school buses.

4 November:                   Late VTAC course applications close ($100 fee).

12 December:                (online) VCE results and ATAR.