We are past the halfway mark of term two and SACs are in full swing. The GAT and Year 11 June exams loom large. Great preparation for exams is important – starting with the GAT practice on Monday. Put these dates in your calendar:

Monday 23 May:           General Achievement Test (GAT) enhancement day – altered day.

Thursday 26 May:        Principal’s tour of the college 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.

Tuesday 31 May:          VCAL work placements begin.
Wednesday 1 June:     Year 11 exams begin.

Tuesday 7 June:             General Achievement Test for all students in Unit 3 & 4 subjects.

Monday 13 June:          Queen’s Birthday Holiday.

Friday 24 June:              Term 2 ends.

Monday 11 July:            Term 3 commences.