Year 11 BSSC students attended Melbourne Theatre Company production, Hungry Ghosts, on Tuesday in Ulumbarra. Described as, ‘Criss-crossing between our unnamed protagonist, the disappearance of flight MH370 and Malaysia’s billion-dollar 1MDB scandal,’ the play explored possible thoughts and reactions of those involved directly in these events—and their familes—as well as the ideas of a young, queer, Chinese-Malaysian who has migrated to Australia.

Hungry Ghosts, a one-act play written by Jean Tong and directed by Petra Kalive, received appreciative applause as the actors took their final bows.

A number of students were asked their opinions about the play as they were leaving the theatre.  Comments included:


“Really liked the special effects.”

“Could have been confusing if someone was not aware of the issues.”

“Gave a different point of view of those events.”

“Really came together well at the end.”