Last night La Trobe University and BSSC co-hosted a Higher Education Parent Information Session.

Belinda McTigue, School Partnerships Advisor from La Trobe University, spoke to an audience of BSSC families and students.

Belinda explained the difference between TAFE and University, the application process, university services, how to select a university course, alternative pathways to university, costs, HECS loans, scholarships and loads of other valuable information. The session was designed to demystify the university process and help families understand higher education.

BSSC Alumna, Whitney Eadon, spoke to the families about her experience of studying VCE and transitioning to university.

“Explore all options,” Whitney said. “Your course choice is not going to suddenly appear in front of you. You have to take action to find out about different fields of study and occupational choices, and then decide which one you are more passionate about.”

Whitney’s mother, Ruth Eadon, also spoke about her experience as a mother, giving valuable advice to the families present. Ruth encouraged families to support their children to take up opportunities while they are at BSSC, such as study trips, volunteering and contributing to the community, as they are extremely valuable in assisting them to explore their choices and mature as global citizens.