The period between your last formal classes and your exam can make a huge difference to your study score if used wisely.

  • Organise your time to ensure that you study for all your exams – perhaps allowing a little longer to master topics or subjects that cause you difficulty.
  • Practise your recall by writing answers to past exams. Your teachers will have provided you with numerous exam questions, and you can access past VCAA exam papers from the VCAA website:

  • Check that you are on the right track by correcting your answers and reading the comments that the examiners made about the question in the assessors’ report. This is available from the website above. The assessor reports give insight into errors made by past students. You can then avoid those mistakes.
  • Check in with your BSSC teacher for feedback on other revision activities in your revision packs. Remember, each subject teacher will be available for you to access during the regular class time right up until the day of the exam.
  • Know exactly where and when each of your exams is. Get there 20 minutes before the start time. The following link takes you to your exam timetables and the exam navigator which also sets out the rules and requirements for each exam: