Students from Mackay and King houses attended a confronting, but enlightening, session in the Ulumbarra Theatre on Monday, presented by paramedic Jason Callanan from Roadwhyz.

Jason has been a paramedic for 20 years and has seen the reality of our road toll first hand.

He spoke to students about the many risks they face as new drivers, the statistics around our road toll, and safety tips that can help to reduce risk.

Jason talked students through the worst accident he has attended in his 20 year career – a single-car, eight-person crash involving high speed and alcohol. He spoke candidly about the consequences of surviving such a crash – the long-term life-changing injuries – the psychological impact to families and survivors – and urged students to take at least ONE thing away from his presentation to influence their decision-making in the future.

More than 2500 Victorians are seriously injured in road accidents each year.

“They’re the ones we don’t hear about,” Jason said. “The number keeps growing, so it’s important that we empower young people with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe on the roads.”

We thank Jason for his powerful message. Students in Freeman and Wilcock houses will attend Jason’s presentation next Monday.

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