If you love animals and are interested in a career in a zoo, a vet practice or agriculture—here are two VCE subjects you should probably look into.

BSSC and Catherine McCauley College share fantastic resources, staff, and facilities at CMC’s Coolock campus, providing hands-on opportunities for students from both colleges.

Charlie is in Year 12 at BSSC and has always wanted to work with animals. Alongside his VET Animal Care subject, he is already working as a dog trainer.

Today he introduced us to two juvenile sugar gliders and he’s clearly relishing this remarkable opportunity to help raise these endangered native animals.

Other students were learning to prepare cattle for exhibiting, calmly guided by local cattle breeders who generously give their time, expertise—and even bring their cattle—to the Coolock campus.

Many students, like Eve and Melea who plan to go to an agricultural college, are planning follow-on courses after finishing VCE.

Jessica, who wants to be a vet nurse, and Kahlia, who plans to be a zoo keeper, were completely at ease handling their albino carpet python and Children’s python (named after John George Children).

The snakes seemed to enjoy being taken out into the sunshine.

Bendigo Senior has 36 students regularly visiting the Coolock Trade Training Centre to study agriculture and animal care and most of them are relishing the opportunities to build valuable skills while still at school.