Students from Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Bendigo South East College, East Loddon P-12 College, Crusoe College and Spring Gully Primary School came together on Wednesday for German Day 2016 at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Well done to Marcus Ryan who presented the Acknowledgement of Country, Angela Stevens who gave an inspiring welcome speech, Caroline Pollock who played the German national anthem on clarinet, and all the BSSC German students who showed great leadership on the day.

The day’s activities included Singing, dancing and poetry; making Martinstag Lanterns; a collage activity inspired by Dada artist Hannah Höch; Art trails run by BSSC students using German language; pretzel eating; tours of the William Vahland Bendigo trail, and other fun outdoor activities – all designed to foster cross-school communication and an appreciation of German culture in all its many facets.

The program is the initiative of the Calder Regional Network of the Association of German Teachers of Victoria (AGTV), partnered with Bendigo Art Gallery.