Budding biologists from BSSC will spend June 16 and 17 with Melbourne’s Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) tutors investigating the DNA of the human papilloma virus.

The two-day program will commence with a lecture for all students on the structure of DNA and applications of DNA technology science. Following this, all Unit 3 and 4 Biology classes will rotate through laboratory sessions with the GTAC scientists.

GTAC is a specialist science education centre which provides a broad range of educational programs in cellular and molecular biology to students across Victoria.

“BSSC is very lucky to have access to this amazing university laboratory equipment in our very own classrooms,” Science Coordinator Mary Nash said.

“We are only able to access this in our own classrooms because BSSC has large Year 12 Biology student numbers”

During their laboratory session, students will be instructed in the use of GTAC’s equipment which is capable of measuring and extracting minute biological samples.  Our students will then put their new skills into practice by extracting samples from pap smears and incubating the sample in preparation for their comparison with other samples, one of which contains the cancer causing DNA.