Yo Media

The YO Media Team is looking to re-establish itself in 2017 and is open to all young creatives between the ages of 12 and 25 who live, work or study in Bendigo. There is no expectation around ability and Rory, who manages this program, plans to get the group to develop a magazine that will be made by young people, for young people.

If you have an interest in photography, videography, sketching, animation, illustration, graphic design, doodling, graffiti, interviews, creative writing, CD and movie reviews, short stories, poems or opinion pieces, Yo Media want to hear from you.

45 Mundy Youth Group

This is essentially a group of enthusiastic young people offering fresh ideas and voicing their opinions on the use of the facility at 45 Mundy Street. This place needs to be youth friendly so having young people to drive the programs and workshops is important.

45 Mundy is also a friendly space for casual visits by young people to socialise, do homework or catch up with youth workers.

Youth Action Group

This group offers young people the opportunity to participate in COGB council-level decisions, and discussions on issues affecting young people in Greater Bendigo.

Participants need to be aged 12-24 and passionate about being involved in their community and representing the views, ideas and needs of young people in the Bendigo area.

Being a part of the City of Bendigo’s Youth Action requires a significant level of commitment with fortnightly meetings and additional meetings and events likely to be scheduled throughout the year. However, this experience develops an extensive range of skills including leadership, decision-making, teamwork, communication skills, budgeting and much more. Sound like you?

Heathcote Youth Group

For those young people who live in Heathcote, there is an equivalent opportunity to get your ideas and voice to the CoGB Council. Like its Bendigo counterpart, the Heathcote group will also be involved in discussions around what young people need / want in Heathcote in terms of services /programs as well as the planning, delivery and evaluation of relevant events.

The Youth Group/ Council also meets fortnightly in Heathcote.