Local students studying Legal Studies in 2019 got a fantastic head start today when they attended a full-day seminar arranged by Victorian Law Foundation (VLF) and hosted by BSSC.

“The aim of the day was to give students an introduction to the Year 12 course and why it’s important,” BSSC Legal Studies teacher, Cindy Growcott, said. “It’s an opportunity to start thinking about the concepts and requirements of the subject over the summer break.”

Around 120 Students from Echuca College, Catherine McCauley College, Girton Grammar and BSSC heard from a variety of people involved in the Victorian Legal System.

These included the Victorian Juries Commissioner, Public Prosecutor, Representatives of the Law Reform Commission and regional people involved in the Law in diverse capacities.

Fabiolo Superina, from the VLF, said one of the aims of the program was to help regional students access opportunities their urban counterparts took for granted.

“There are tours of the courts and parliament every week in Melbourne,” she said. “This program brings those opportunities to regional students.

“We want to make the legal system less intimidating, make the students more aware of the services available and the diverse roles within it.”

Cindy Growcott said the feedback from students had been really helpful for staff preparing classes for 2019.

“We want Year 12 students to know that their teachers are looking forward to working with them next year,” she said. “We really appreciate them coming to a program that is entirely optional.”

Pictured left to right: Liam Griffiths, Cindy Growcott, Sgt Lindsay Riley (Police Prosecutor Victoria Police) David Thompson (Teacher in Residence, Victorian Law Foundation), Alex Jenkyn, Ben Forbes and Alicia Bertani.