International beach volleyball player, Christie Jenkins, returned to BSSC today to work with Specialist Sports students around motivation and goalsetting. When Jenkins visited in February, she encouraged students to see the connection between Motivation and Strategy in setting goals for both their studies and sport.

Today, students completed an Energy Management Plan giving them a chance to explore the best times of day to complete certain activities, in both sport and study.

“What do we do when our willpower runs out?” Jenkins asked the students. “We can’t force ourselves to study every day, we have to develop good habits.”

She used Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps as an example of a successful athlete who has developed a winning formula.

The session wrapped up with students completing a habit loop, identifying habits that need to change and habits that need to be created for success – not just in sport and school, but in every part of life.

A big thank you to Christie for her ongoing support of the Specialist Sports program.