Around two students per week need to access the Foodshare supplies that are available through the Wellbeing Team according to Sharon Crimmins, Wellbeing Coordinator and also a member of the Foodshare Board.

Food is available for those who forget their lunch, who missed breakfast, who live independently—and are not always able to afford or cook a highly-nutritious evening meal—or who are hungry and just need a snack to keep them going. There are also toiletries available.

“Students usually feel a bit embarrassed about having to ask for something to eat, but they are always welcome at Wellbeing, and of course, all visits are confidential,” Sharon said.

Foodshare also provides food for school functions (do you recall the delicious platters of watermelon during Blast Off week?)

March is a fundraising month for Bendigo Foodshare. The aim is to provide one million meals to vulnerable people in the Bendigo Region… and there are just two weeks to go.

There is a donation tin with Allison and Jan in the Student Coordinator’s office. Your loose change can make a big difference.