How to bring it down to just one highlight? Every interaction with the wonderful EAL VCAL students was a highlight. From the fun of the Halls Gap camp, the willingness of the students to celebrate and embrace everyday happenings, to seeing the achievements and joy the students experience in their learning… just so great to be part of.

Cath Holton


The buzz of students leaving the exam together excited about their achievement.

Laura Pokorzynski


“Whenever a sad, tired door closes, a newer, fresher one opens to rekindle your spirits – Mantra for the Library team.”

Julie Willis


The highlight for me this year was seeing the end results of the training offered by Chef Rob Rees to students through the BSSC Kitchen Challenge… It was some of the finest food I have ever tasted. To see that level of dedication, passion, skill and hard work from Bendigo Senior Secondary College students, teachers and Mr Rees, was awe inspiring. Eat now or forever hold your peas.

Emily Faulkner


My favourite moment would be the Year 12 Last day and watching students react positively to the video presentations specially created for them. It was great to be part of what will be an unforgettable moment.

Carli Spence


Seeing students, who had a difficult year, cross the stage at graduation with a huge smile on their face feeling a real sense of achievement. The dedication these students have shown to their studies, and their resilience and persistence, is inspiring and deserving of this public celebration.  It is also special to see the smiles on the faces, and often tears in the eyes, of the many staff members who have supported each of these students to get to this point.

Mardi Holland