Today a group of BSSC students and staff were given the opportunity to provide feedback to representatives from the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) on ways final assessment reports can be made more relevant to tertiary education institutions and future employers.

Sue Bell from the VCAA asked for student feedback on issues ranging from the actual layout of the proposed student achievement profile through to the elements that are included on it—which, in the past was essentially numbers and grades.

VCAA is considering ideas such as including ‘micro-credentials’ to recognise those students who have undertaken external short courses—these are presently not formally acknowledged on a student’s final certificate.

“Employers are looking for a real sense of what a person is like,” she told students. “We want that certificate to reflect this much more fully than it does at present.”

Sue also gave students some very interesting information about factors universities value.

The other part of this visit will involve some class observations of VCE, VCE VM (VCE Vocational Major) and VPC (Victorian Pathways Certificate) classes.