Eighteen of BSSC’s Year 11 and 12 students made excellent use of yesterday’s student free day. Accompanied by Careers Advisors, Rita Soares and Trish White, the students spent the day exploring La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus.

“On arrival we were met by Student Ambassadors who showed us around the campus, including visits to three of the accommodation colleges,” explained Rita.

“We then looked around the lecture theatres and classrooms before taking our seats for a more formal presentation.”

Speakers included BSSC alumni, Dr Ross O’Shea, who is presently Senior Lecturer in Physiology, Anatomy & Microbiology at La Trobe. Ross urged students to look at the big picture and always explore all available options. He also talked about how to manage the move away from home.

Other speakers included Claire, a second-year Animal Sciences student, Stephanie, a Speech Pathology student from Tasmania—who spoke about how she managed the transition from her home state to Melbourne—and Joanne, who is presently studying Law/Psychology.

Joanne also spoke about her experiences as a La Trobe exchange student to Austria. Her message was about learning from every experience. She even included a story about her confrontation with a dryer’s instructions that were a complete mystery. Baffled, she guessed—and unfortunately selected the hottest setting and ruined the whole load!

After all the formal presentations students relaxed over lunch in the Agora where they continued their conversations with their guides and presenters.

All up, a very informative day.