Rosalind Park is one of the best and most central parks in Bendigo. BSSC students are lucky to have use of it during recess and lunchtimes. However there are responsibilities that come with use of a public park.

Rosalind Park is a public place and there are a number of state and local Council regulations, as well as the BSSC code of conduct, that govern student use of the park.

To ensure the college and students are using the park in the best way possible the following points should be adhered to:

  • Student use is limited to the area on the college side of the rotunda. The fernery, conservatory, RSL and Queen Victoria Gardens and the rotunda are out of bounds during the school day.
  • Student use is limited to recess and lunchtime when supervision is provided by BSSC staff. All students are expected to comply with staff instructions.
  • Students should not use the park during class time.
  • As it is supervised by BSSC staff, the park is regarded as part of the college grounds during recess and lunchtime. Education Department regulations specify that students and staff must not smoke in the area.
  • Littering in a public place is a criminal offence. Students are reminded to put all litter in the bins provided.
  • The Bendigo City Council has signs with guidelines for all users, and students are expected to comply with these.