Students had the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of life in the emergency services today at a very special Careers and Pathways event.

Intensive Care Paramedic, Caroline Martin, Senior Constable, Emma Gibbons and CFA Firefighter, Tegan Bubb, shared their respective pathways into their careers, the vast and varied range of jobs in the industry, and the joys and challenges of their roles.

Senior Constable Gibbons stressed the importance of gaining some life experience before considering a career in the police force.

“The job can be physically and emotionally challenging,” she said. “You see and experience things that other people will never see. At the same time it’s incredibly satisfying work, and every day is so different to the next.”

Paramedic, Caroline Martin, agreed.

“You have to care about people to be a good paramedic,” she said. “The hours are long and the work can be confronting… but you build a really strong camaraderie with other emergency service workers and can make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Tegan Bubb came to firefighting via the armed forces, teacher training and personal training and loves the physical nature of the job.

“The job is about so much more than fighting fires,” she said.