Our fabulous celebration of the diversity of cultures and languages at BSSC is on again. For four days next week, the college will buzz with activities, displays, stalls and food designed to remind us that ‘Everyone Belongs’.

Harmony Day, Australia’s officially designated day that celebrates cultural diversity and continues the call for the elimination of racial discrimination, is actually not until the following Tuesday. This year we are getting in early and here’s what you can expect:

  • Tuesday – Goornong and Kennington Primary School’s Grade Three students will join those visiting from our new sister school in China for a day of cultural immersion with Indigenous Australians and people from, Karen, Afghan, Thai, PNG, Ethiopian and Chinese backgrounds.
  • Wednesday – At lunchtime, both the Language Centre and Ulumbarra Plaza will come alive as BSSC students explore the different languages taught and/or spoken at BSSC and celebrate the cultures of our EAL and exchange students. The Wellbeing team will be in the Plaza with a range of stalls and activities.
  • Thursday – Colloquially known as “The Big Cook Up’, lunchtime in the Ulumbarra Plaza will be a feast of Karen, Afghan, Thai, PNG, Ethiopian and Chinese food. There will also be displays of artefacts, name writing in Karen and Afghan and wearing of national dress.
  • Friday – This year the final day of Diversity Week will be Chinese Day in the Language Centre, with dumplings, displays and activities.

“We must learn the lessons of history and acknowledge the profound damage caused by racial discrimination.” Ban Ki-Moon (UN Secretary General 2007 – 2016)

Make sure you don’t miss BSSC’s contribution to building understanding, respect and inclusiveness.