Should you need to be resuscitated (and we hope you never do!) there are now another 19 young people trained in first aid here at the college.

Many of our EAL/VCAL students are studying VET subjects that require a Level 1 First Aid Certificate. But of course, such training is also a valuable, take-everywhere life skill.

Today the students were taken through the critical steps of resuscitation using the acronym DRSABC and learnt about resuscitation of both adults and babies, as well as the fundamentals of treatment for minor cuts and abrasions, asthma, anaphylaxis, shock, heart attack and numerous other things that affect people all too frequently.

BSSC is an audited Registered Training Organisation with staff equipped through Life Saving Victoria to deliver this course. Today’s trainer was Sue Pickles.

The college owns a collection of manikins and defibrillators to make training large groups feasible.

For those EAL students still mastering English, the training was also interpreted by Plokaw Phonwinyu.