BSSC Years 11 and 12 Drama students threw themselves into the unexpected—and sometimes very quirky—scenes they were asked to spontaneously invent and deliver at a workshop run by Australian actors, Adele Querol and Jerome Meyer.

Perhaps more accustomed to the bright lights of the theatre or TV studio, Adele has returned to her old school, bringing along highly experienced colleague, Jerome, to inspire the next generation of actors hoping to find their performing mojo.

“The real highlight for me today is seeing the absolute courage of these students,” Adele said. “It’s been so easy to get them engaged and involved in the scenarios we’ve given them.”

Drama teacher, Daryl Headlam, echoed this, acknowledging the students’ levels of participation and enthusiasm, as did Adele’s father, BSSC English and Media teacher George Querol.

“Adele and Jerome have elicited performances that students are perhaps not used to delivering,” he said. “You can see their confidence has already grown and their performances have been more honest and professional.”

Well done everyone!

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