On Monday BSSC’s Specialist Sports students were thrown down the challenge in a two-hour session by one of the country’s most inspiring motivational speakers and high-performance coaches.

Mark Dobson (or Dobbo, as he’s known by most) has worked alongside some of Australia’s (and the world’s) finest elite athletes, has taken businesses to next level, lead programs for young people, and was even acknowledged in a speech by Barrack Obama for his innovation in education.

He encouraged BSSC sports students to think about the actions they could put into place to succeed in both school and sport.

“What will you do every day, every week, every month, to ensure you have the best chance of success?” Dobbo asked the students.

Through a series of practical exercises, students were able set goals that are measurable, meet a deadline and have accountability built in.

He also stressed the importance of having a life outside of sport.

“You have to be socially rounded, academically rounded, and sport rounded to have the ultimate success,” he said.

“Most importantly, in life, as in sport, you have to recognise when the ball is being thrown to you. Don’t let opportunities to ask questions and put yourself ‘out there’ pass you by.”