BSSC Alumna, Ella Tardrew, has been interested in illustration and fashion for as long as she can remember. By the time she enrolled at Bendigo Senior in 2018, Art fashion was a natural subject selection.

After graduating from BSSC, she moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, a leader in higher education for the design and creative industries.

“I love the new knowledge and skills I’ve developed from my course so far,” Ella says. “It’s really pushed me, especially in these tricky circumstances. My study space is a very supportive and close-knit community… I feel very honoured to be at the institute.”

Ella first heard about the Mason Family Trust Bursary from her Year 12 Art Fashion teacher, Andy, who encourage her to apply.

The Mason Family Trust provides BSSC alumni with support in the form of bursaries to pursue a career and further study in the Arts, including Visual Arts, Dance and Drama, Music, Fashion, Photography, Media and Stained Glass or Art Glass.

The Trust makes $30,000 available per annum to support a number of applicants.

“The bursary has been extremely helpful with my studies and has allowed me to access the materials and resources needed in my course,” Ella says. “I’ve been able to purchase art supplies, fabrics, an overlocker and many more important resources.”

Ella hopes her degree will lead to a role in costume design and, one day, might see her working on film sets.

She urges current BSSC students to follow their passion and take up every opportunity open to them.

“Make sure you research your desired career choices,” Ella says. “Get online—talk to other students and teachers—attend workshops and open days… be curious!”