This week over 100 Year 7 students from Bendigo South East SC visited the BSSC Confucius Classroom for a Chinese cultural learning day.

Aimed at promoting the value of language learning in secondary schools, the students participated in activities designed to promote Chinese culture and language.

Chantelle is currently studying Chinese and hopes to continue on to Year 12.  “I had an awesome day,” she said. “I really loved the art and craft activities and learning more about the culture.”

Students were divided into four groups named for well-known Chinese cities of Beijng   Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an.  During the day they made Chinese dumplings, created some very impressive ink art drawings, decorated traditional Chinese opera masks and joined in playing some mini games.

When reflecting on the day, Riley said that he enjoyed the activities too, and plans to take his Chinese language studies through to Year 12.

“My father has explained to me the value of having a second language – especially an Asian language – for improving my chances of getting employment,” he said. “In a job interview, having that second language will give me an advantage over others.”

The Year 7’s day concluded with presentation of participation certificates.