Congratulations to the BSSC Cross-Country team who all performed brilliantly at today’s Sandhurst Division competition.

Will Noden won the boys 17-20yr event, with Harry Wright 3rd, Campbell Ireland 5th, Hayden Pagram 7th, and Adam Knight 8th enabling the boys to qualify as a team for the Loddon Mallee Region finals later this term.

The girls 17-20yr team also qualified for the LMR finals, with Gabby Rusbridge 2nd, Maddy Hooke 3rd, Bridgette Keath 4th, Bridie Blake-Burrows 5th, and Alia Melgin-Hill 6th all running a great race. Our only competitor in the girls 16yr event, Lydia Melgin-Hill, finished 9th and also qualified for the LMR finals
Well done to all our athletes on a fantastic performance!