A small group of yarn artists—and would-be yarn artists—gathered in the Conference Room at lunchtime on Wednesday to get creative with wool.

Careers & Pathways Advisor, Rita Soares, is also an experienced knitter/crocheter. She was on hand to give instruction and demonstrate how a few basic stitches, in the correct sequence, can achieve a stunning result.

It was “good fun” according to Pan Ei Pyu and Lew Eh Thou who are both accomplished with crochet. Emily Harper was new to the craft but quickly picked up the skill and found the experience “really awesome.”

With enough interest, the group will continue. So stay tuned—and consider:

Relaxed, repetitive motions such as the ones used in crochet and knitting can help calm down the body and the brain…Not only does working on something you enjoy help, but the actual motions involved assist in creating a better mood.