After a term of planning and testing products, the Applied Business Management class has launched its newly created business ‘The Cookery’. The Cookery is a pop-up kitchen that will operate throughout 2017, providing a mix of pre-prepared meals, takeaway options and other comfort foods.

The Cookery hit the ground running today, offering staff a choice of four types of pizzas as a take-home, ready-to-cook meal.

“We’ve had orders for more than 40 pizzas today,” said Year 12 student, Shanley Kendall. “There are quite a class members away, so it’s been pretty frantic in the kitchen… but we’re on track.”

Shanley said the process of choosing a name for the business had taken much longer than expected.

“We’d had a whole range of suggestions that were either inappropriate or just didn’t feel right,” she said. “When someone suggested The Cookery, we all knew it was the right fit for the business.”

Over the second part of the year the Student will be making pizza, hot chocolate with three versions of banana bread, and freshly make egg and bacon rolls.