BSSC’s Dux for 2017 is Rory Day with an ATAR score of 98.7

In his typically understated way, Rory said he was “chuffed” with his results.

“I thought it was achievable, but I didn’t really expect it,” he said.

Rory is taking a gap year in 2018 and is looking towards a Science or Engineering degree in the future.

“BSSC has given me the freedom to go about my learning in the way I wanted, which has really helped me achieve,” Rory said.

“I’ve had some great teachers too. English definitely wasn’t my best subject, but having Josh (Parker) as my teacher really helped me excel.

“Anne (Bourke), who taught me Indonesian, is just a great teacher and a really good person and helped keep me together throughout the year.”

Rory said that having things to do outside of school also was instrumental in keeping him grounded and on track.

“My part-time job at The Old Green Bean has been great, and my workmate Shane has really helped me,” he said. “Having a work ethic outside of school and study has been really important.”

It’s always a massive day for VCE students when ATAR scores are released.

For some it’s the realisation of a dream to study a particular course and follow a career path.

For others it’s the surprise of doing better than expected and new doors opening. It can also be a day of disappointment and changing plans.

Kate Salvador, is thrilled with her ATAR of 97.55, but realistic about what it means. Kate scored 48 for Biology and hopes to study medicine in 2018.

“I’m well aware that while I’m feeling really happy about things today, others are having a hard day,” she said.

“I was hoping for a high score, but I wasn’t expecting 97. I’ve had an awesome year at school, and I think my social life and sporting commitments have helped keep me calm and grounded.”

Principal, Linda Lyons, says it’s important for students not to let an ATAR score define them.

“An ATAR doesn’t determine where a student goes in life,” she says. “At BSSC we’re here to support ALL students on their pathway beyond Year 12. Our Careers team are here to talk to students who need advice around their ATAR score and what it means for their further study.”

The college also congratulates Kianna Morris who scored 96.45, Caitlin Allman 96.1 and Joe Kenny 95.7

Caitlin hopes to begin studying Biomedicine at Monash or Melbourne University in 2018, while Joe plans to take a gap year to work and focus on his footy with Inglewood Football Club. He looks forward to study engineering in the future.

The college wishes all its Year 12 students every success in their life journeys beyond BSSC.