BSSC is continuing its mission of delivering Chinese language and culture to Victorian students by taking our Confucius Classroom to Cardross Primary School in the far north of the state.

Fifty Cardross students in two classes from Prep to Grade Two are learning Chinese language and culture via the authentic learning experiences and environment of BSSC’s Confucius classroom.

On Tuesday assistant Principal Linda Lyons took four Confucius Classroom teachers to Cardross to immerse the pupils in some Chinese culture and introduce them to the Chinese language.

Our teachers led four activities: dumpling making; painting Chinese opera masks; singing Chinese songs and trying on traditional costumes.  The dexterity of the children was really put to the test as the students also tried to master the art of picking up jelly beans with chopsticks.

Chinese culture and language will be delivered to Cardross PS using the interactive technology and equipment in our Confucius Classroom. Real time communication via our polycon unit will link Cardross pupils with their Bendigo-based teachers.

The Confucius Classroom is a partnership with Hanban, the Chinese government agency that supports the broadening of understanding of Chinese language and culture.

BSSC is supporting 26 other schools to develop Chinese language programs with the support of staff provided through the Hanban teachers in the Confucius Classroom program.