BSSC celebrated its next generation of young photographers on Monday night at the annual CLICK exhibition and awards ceremony.

The evening kicked off with the sweet sounds of Year 11 student and recent “The Voice” contestant Paris Cassar, before awards judge, Dr Karen Annett-Thomas, announced the 2015 winners, including the two works acquired by the college; Danielle Connelly’s “Tears” and Olivia Watkin’s “Tale as Old as Time”.

Dr Annett-Thomas congratulated the students on their open-minded and experimental approach to photography and praised the diversity of the exhibition. “Your work is inclusive and accessible,” she told the students. “It is fresh and free of the constraints of the medium.”

She also urged the students never to lose their curiosity. “Continue to experiment. Learn the rules – and then break them. Continue to hold a mirror up to the people around you and retain the playfulness, truth, hope and optimism of your youthful photography.”

The winning exhibits

Honourable mention for Media in the Photography format:

Caleb Tarpey – “Sheltered”

Meg Blythman – “Untitled” series


Highly commended for Media in the Photography format:

Jacinta Dunstone – “Tragedy of an American Family”


Best Media in the Photography format:

Shania Cromb – “Untitled” series


Honourable mention for Studio Arts Photography:

Lincoln Rogers – “Sombre”

Celeste Lloyd – “Untitled #2”

Edmund Koska – “Untitled#3”

Tom Bartels – “Innocence of Childhood”

Amy McDonald – “Around the Corner”

Tarls McCalman – “Materials Against the Skin”


Highly commended for Studio Arts Photography:

Zia Scott – “Untitled” series

April Chandler – “Soya Perfecta”


Winners of the BSSC Acquisition Awards:

Danielle Connelly – “Tears”

Olivia Watkins – “Tale as old as time”


Congratulations to all the students who exhibited their work. It can be viewed on the E2 arts floor, during school hours, until November 6.