“We all care about certain issues. What’s yours? Poverty, inequality, climate change? Today more than ever, we have the power to overcome these challenges by combing innovative technology to addressing real-world problems.”

So say those organising the ‘Cisco live’ event recently held in Melbourne. Seven BSSC students (Tim Copeland, Dylan Davis, Jackson Epworth, Dominic Hall, Riley Jordan, Clay Willie and Alex Krive) joined Australia’s largest gathering of Cisco Networking Academy students and teachers at the ‘Find Yourself in The Future Student Summit at Cisco Live’.

As well as exploring the trade show to discover what is on offer from a range of IT and Communications companies, students also had the privilege of listening to Anh Do describe his inspiring story of arriving by leaky boat in Australia in 1980 and subsequently becoming a much-admired artist, author and actor.

Dianne McGrath, who has made it to the shortlist of those hoping to establish a base on Mars, spoke about her commitment to the trip: “For me it’s the opportunity to do something so extraordinary… that could change the face of history.”