BSSC students made an early start on Friday 11 March to attend the 2016 Cisco Student Summit in Melbourne. During the four-hour summit, students heard about current networking and associated technologies.

BSSC student Brandyne Bell was amazed by the diverse range of job opportunities that exist in the technology field, and our students were blown away when Harper Reed, the CTO of the Obama for America re-election campaign in 2012, spoke to a packed auditorium in the Melbourne Convention Centre as part of Cisco Live event.

The use of industry jargon and terminology was an eye opener for students, but BSSC student Jordan Overall found that terms like “big data” and “soft and hard skills” were well explained, giving him a greater appreciation of the language associated with the IT industry.

Our students enjoyed their experience and the opportunity to learn about their industry – especially about cybersecurity. All enjoyed the free food, and take home gifts of pens and USB flash drives.