Intermediate VCAL students, who have been working on the H2Go Project for the past six months, put their learning into action as part of ParticipACTION Week today.

They invited students and staff to take a taste test, highlighting the quality of our local drop, and convincing the college community to “choose tap”.

Year 11 student, James Fisher, said the project had been a real eye-opener for all the students involved. And guess what? Bendigo water tastes delicious!

“Once we’d been to the Bendigo Water Treatment Plant at Big Hill and seen first-hand the process that Bendigo tap water goes through, there was no doubt that buying bottled water is simply a waste of resources.”

The H2Go Project was run in partnership with Coliban Water and allowed students to gain real-life knowledge and build leadership skills, while completing their VCAL outcomes at the same time.