Caroline Pollock began studying Chinese when she was unexpectedly moved out of the French language class she had elected. This change paved the way for her to not only study Chinese (Mandarin) at school, but to realise that she loved the language.

In Year 11 she continued her Chinese language studies and also attended extra classes at BSSC’s Confucius Classroom after school.

This week Caroline was notified that she is a successful candidate for the China Scholarship Program 2018.

“I’d been thinking that I really didn’t know what I wanted to do next year,” she said. “I had applied for the scholarship at the start of the year, so it wasn’t really on my mind. Suddenly I found out I was successful.”

The China Scholarship Program means that Caroline will be able to study Chinese in China, taught by Chinese teachers, and includes her University fees at Shanghai Normal University, her accommodation, health insurance and living allowance.

“I also hope I’ll be able to join an orchestra or group to keep playing my clarinet,” Caroline said, “but I’m yet to see what other subjects will be available to me.”

Caroline, who has travelled widely, is looking forward to the immersion experience—including the food.

“The teachers in the Confucius Classroom said they will help me to connect with people there. The most daunting part is the workload, but I’ve already been assured that I work really hard and it won’t be a problem.”

Congratulations Caroline!