BSSC Chemistry students have performed brilliantly in the recent Titration Stakes, a statewide competition organised by Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).

In July, five groups competed in the competition, with three of them earning the right to compete at the national level. The other two groups only narrowly missed out on the ranking.

Only the top 44 groups in the country will compete at the Australian National Titration Competition (ANTC) Finals in September.


Ranked 9 in the state – had 3 perfect results out of 6

Eve Gray

Felix Barton

Alyssa Lai


Ranked 18 in the state – had 1 perfect result

Caitlin Jackson

Sheeba Vigneswaran


Ranked 25 in the state – had 2 perfect results

Will Mandersloot

Luella Ansted

Hannah Malone


The other three groups were:

Kim Stanway

Heath Hillier

Lachlan Careedy


Lachlan Frischke

Tyler Eames

Jack Alderson


Taine Lang

Kobe Henderson

Lauren White

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