BSSC students today received a powerful message about staying safe on our roads. John Maher shared his family’s story of tragedy and heartache with BSSC students in an effort to make them safer and more conscientious road users.

John spoke from the perspective of a husband, father and grandfather when he talked about two tragic accidents; one which left him with life-long injuries, the other which took the life of his youngest daughter, Carmen.

“Never forget, you are the most important person in the world to the people who love you most,” he stressed to students. “Carmen’s message is my gift to you.”

John says the message is one that every young person needs to hear.

“It puts the onus not only on everyone who gets behind the wheel,” he said, “but on everyone who chooses to get into a car as a passenger. Our roads are the most dangerous place in the world and we need to be mindful every time we get into a vehicle.”

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