BSSC Students interested in a career in Radiotherapy heard from an expert in the field today when Clinical Educator, Richard Oates, from the Peter Mac Cancer Centre visited the college.

Richard gave students some great insights into the life of a Radiotherapist, answering students’ queries such as what a Radiotherpist does and who they treat, to the pathways into the career and the opportunities for graduates.

“To be a good Radiotherapist you need to be a good communicator,” he said. “Not only because you’ll be working with up to 30 or 40 patients a day, but because you’ll be part of a team of Oncologists, and other Radiotherapists planning and delivering treatments.

“The science is developing quickly so it’s a career of ongoing learning… which makes it very rewarding.”

Students who are interested in finding out more should attend the Open Night at the Bendigo Radiotherapy Centre on Tuesday 28 August. A flyer with RSVP details is attached.

Bendigo Open Night Flyer 2018