BSSC students gained first-hand knowledge of forensic investigation today when Leading Senior Constable Lee Bullock from the Bendigo Crime Unit visited the college.

The library classroom was full to overflowing with students keen to hear what Senior Constable Bullock had to share about his 30-year career as a police officer, and more recently his work with the Bendigo Crime Unit.

Over the years Senior Constable Bullock has worked in Surveillance and with the Drug Squad in both Melbourne and Mildura, before joining the Crime Unit where he collects forensic evidence.

Students learnt about a broad range of crime scenes from break-ins and burglaries, to murders, suicides and arson investigations, with Senior Constable Bullock explaining the many different ways evidence is collected. He explained the intricacies of fingerprinting, shoe impressions, blood samples, tyre and tool impressions and collecting DNA.

“You have to be very methodical to work in forensics,” he told students. “It’s very detailed work, but it’s also incredibly satisfying. I love what I do.”

Senior Constable Bullock also encouraged students to take the Victoria Police entrance exam; if they’re not completely sure of a career as a police officer.

“It’s a really worthwhile course to do,” he said. “You learn a lot about yourself… and it could be a pathway to other careers within the police force.”

There were plenty of questions from students, who went away with some other gems of information… for instance, that fingerprint brushes are made from squirrel hair!