On Friday, Unit 1-2 Allied Health students visited the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne to learn about the different pathways, careers and opportunities the centre has to offer. The event, organised by Ourschool alumni program, saw BSSC students tour the impressive new Peter Mac facility and hear from a range of speakers including:

A Radiation Therapist—a Researcher in Radiation Therapy—a Medical Physicist—a Diagnostic Radiographer—a Radiation Oncology Registrar—a Nurse—an IT Project Manager and a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.

Most speakers admitted they didn’t know what career they wanted to pursue while completing their Year 11 and 12 studies. Their advice was to take every opportunity, try many different things, pursue personal interests to see where it leads, and to never underestimate how powerful your first part-time jobs or volunteer work are for building interpersonal and communication skills.

All the staff spoke of the great personal and professional satisfaction they gain from their role at ‘Peter Mac’.

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