Staff and students from La Trobe University Science and Engineering Departments gave BSSC students the heads up about the pathways and possibilities for those with degrees in either of these areas.

With employment rates for most of the graduates within these domains running at 100% over the last couple of years—especially in regional areas—students at La Trobe Bendigo also benefit from smaller classes and therefore more access to staff.

BSSC alumna, Emily, said she was sitting in the same place as these students when she was in Year 12 at BSSC in 2014 and only decided on Engineering—which she is just loving—around this time of year. She has just submitted her Honour thesis and hopes to work part time while continuing with post-grad studies.

BSSC alumni, Jarrett, is just completing his 3rd year of a Science degree majoring in Physical Sciences and hopes to return to BSSC one day to teach maths, science and/or physics.

The overall advice was this: do what you enjoy. That way you will get good marks and do well.