Next week, Year 11 student Cameron Jordan will be giving it all to win a spot on the Australian swimming team to compete in the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in April.

“There is one Melbourne swimmer who is faster, but only three others who are close, so I hope I’m in with a chance. I go into the trials ranked 26th in Australia.”

Cameron has been swimming as far back as he can remember.

“About seven years ago I began to train at Bendigo East. I now train in the pool for about 15 hours per week, plus gym work,” he said.  “I knew what I was getting into because my sister Kate (a past student of BSSC) competed at national level too.”

Cameron’s main event is breaststroke, but he swims all styles.

“I was just naturally good at it, so that’s what I have concentrated on.”

He will be competing in the 50-metres, 100-metres and 200-metres breaststroke at the trials to be held at the Gold Coast venue.

Asked if he felt he was missing out on what other young people were doing, Cameron admitted that, “yes, occasionally, but most of my closest friends are swimmers too, so that makes it a lot of fun. And I also think it’s really worth it. At an event where you are racing against the best—it’s such a great feeling.”

Cameron doesn’t have any particular preparation, or special rituals, before a race—other than warm-up which is a one-kilometre swim and then, during marshalling, trying to get the right balance of the adrenalin you need without worrying about the outcome.

“By the time I am on the blocks, it’s just a clear mind and ready to race,” he said. “I couldn’t do any of this without my family. Not just because they drive me everywhere, but because of the mental support… and my sister, Kate, has been such a great role-model for me.”

If you would like to see Cameron swim, keep an eye on YouTube. The trials will also be on TV, but no guarantee Cameron’s races will be featured.